Practice Booklets

I make a practice booklet for each student.  It is stored in the student's "Book Box" which is kept on the student's desktop.  It is easily accessable for spontaneous practice and for record keeping.  Students bring their booklet with them when they are tested.  If the child passes his list, the appropriate box is stamped, starred or stickered on the Practice Booklet.

The booklet blacklines are designed to be folded in half with the words on the outside.  Place them together in the correct order and staple together on the left.  This creates thick pages that will last throughout the school year.

There are two options for putting the practice booklets together.

  1. Only place the word lists in the booklets.  Don't include the the phrases.
  2. Place both the word lists and the phrases in the booklets.

I prefer option 1 for first grade children.  I leave a blank page facing each list so I can write helpful clues for the student during the testing sessions.

Parents also like to have a practice book at home for easy reference and practice.  Some parents keep the practice book in the car for their child to use on trips to the store or on the way to and from school. 



Practice Books: Words Only
Cover List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 List 5 List 6 List 7 List 8 List 9 List 10 List 11
Practice Books: Words & Phrases

Cover  List 1

Phrase 1 & List 2 Phrase 2 & List 3 Phrase 3 & List 4 Phrase 4 & List 5 Phrase 5 & List 6 Phrase 6 & List 7 Phrase 7 & List 8 Phrase 8 & List 9 Phrase 9 & List 10 Phrase 10 &  List 11 Phrase 11
Dolch Lists: In order of frequency
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List 2
List 3
List 4
List 5
List 6
List 7
List 8
List 9
List 10
List 11

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