Record Keeping

For convenience, store your record keeping forms on a clipboard.

Download and print the above record keeping form to maintain a class graph so you can easily monitor the progress of your class.  The graph also helps you quickly pull groups together for extra practice. 

Use a form similar to the one above (without the Number Family numbers written along the top) to track daily testing.  I use two boxes each day.  In the first box I place a "+" or a "-" (pass/didn't pass) In the second box I write the number of the family the student is on.  If they have passed one test, I place a little dot in the box so I know that the student only needs one more pass to move to the next Number Family. If the student passes his second test, I highlight the number. I then take the clipboard to the filing cabinet and pull the new worksheets for students who are starting a new Number Family. This system works for me.  It really doesn't take long to do.  A trained volunteer can do it for you.