Tile Cards


Materials: Tile Card and number tiles 0 thru 9

There are 4 tile cards for each of the Number Family Tubs.  Students place 0-9 tiles on the missing numbers to correctly complete the equations.  Each card is self-checking because every tile (0-9) is needed to solve the problems on the card. If a child reaches the end and needs a "5" and only has a "4" left, he then realizes that he has made a mistake. He looks over the problem where he placed the "5" tile to determine the error.

You can make your own on 1" ceramic tiles or you can use print the tiles included on this page on card stock.

I store the tiles in zip lock bags and place all of the bags in a plastic bin in the math materials center (area) of the classroom. I also have a lost and found tile container where students can replace a tile that may be missing from the  bag.


Download tiles in PDF file to print.

Download all tile cards in one file

Download Tile Cards in PDF File