Worksheet Packet

When a student begins a new number family s/he receives a small packet of materials.  This packet includes a coversheet like the one above, a few worksheets and blank flashcards. The student begins his/her new number family by finding its partners, using a circle mat, and recording them in the circles on the coversheet.

Next, the student completes the partner search at the bottom of the coversheet. Partners are circled in the same manner as a Word Find. Let the students get creative in their looping of partners.  I let students loop around 2 numbers that are not right next to each other if they can make their loop readable.

Next, the student makes a number family booklet.  It should be turned in for correction. 

Next, the student makes his/her flashcards.  Answers are written in pencil on the back. They need to be corrected so wrong answers are not practiced.  Send the corrected cards home with the student for home practice.

Next, students can work on their worksheets, or practice their flashcards or Number Family Tub activities.  I have included a limited number of special worksheets for each packet on this page.  My worksheets also include commercial Number Family worksheets that were created by Frank Schaeffer years ago.  I don't think they're still in print, but you probably have other worksheets that you can include. 

Tub activities include:

In addition to the Tub activities, students can:

Make more Number Family Booklets (can include Math Their Way bean papers)
Create and record partners with pattern blocks, color tiles or unifix cubes.
Use the KidPix on the computer to create fact stories





On this worksheet, students write the partners for the T-bar numbers at the top of the page.  They can use circle mats to find the partners or use pattern logic to figure them out.

Students then color each of  shapes at the bottom of the page a different color.  Then they cut around the shape, match the partners and glue them onto the rectangles above the dotted line. Next they record the partners that each color configuration represents. ( 5 and 0, 4 and 1, 3 and 2 ).




On this worksheet, students write the partners for the Number Family they are studying.

You can also use this page to help students understand the relationship between subtraction and knowing the partners.  I guarantee that your students will be able to fly through this page as they supply the missing partner.  Subtraction is the same as supplying the missing partner. Each problem could be said like this: "18 take away (whatever number is given) equals _______." So the first row would sound like this: 18 - 8 = 10. 18 - 9 = 9. 18 -10 = 8



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T-Bar & Puzzle Worksheets

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Partner Worksheets

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